Vehicle Inspections

We can carry out a thorough inspection of any car, whether it is your own or a potential purchase. All inspections are carried out completely impartially and can include an interrogation of the vehicle’s control units, with a print out of any stored faults.

Fault Diagnosis

From a warning light on your dash, an oily patch on your drive, an under-performing engine or an annoying rattle or squeak, we have it covered. If you suspect your pride and joy isn’t as it should be, please don’t hesitate to call us.

Engine Bay Refreshing

Return your engine to its as new appearance. We can repaint your manifolds and cam covers back to original finish, re-wrap tired looking wiring looms and touch up and scratched or damaged paint in the under bonnet area, returning it to its formal glory. A particularly nice touch for show cars.

Tyres and Wheel Alignment

We do have tyre changing on site suitable for all wheel sizes.  All wheel alignments are carried out off site at our other premises,  using a full 4 wheel laser system to the manufacturers specification.

Under-body Protection

As your car ages, the under-body protective coatings become worn and damaged by rain and road debris.

We can provide touch ups for chipped and damaged under-body sealants, full rust prevention and removal including re-application of seam sealers and chassis paints. For extra protection we can carry out cavity wax injection to chassis and sub-frame internals and advise you on the best practices to keep these largely unseen and often neglected areas in good condition.